Brian Wooller – Chair

IMG_1817Brian Wooller’s work experience is diverse, having worked in statutory agencies in mental health, child protection, juvenile and adult community-based corrective services, university teaching and research and in the not-for-profit sector. He has worked as a practitioner, academic and manager in a variety of management positions in government and non-government.

He has considerable experience in matters of governance and financial management and a record of success in recent times as the Chair of the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia (Life Member) and Board of The Australian Association of Social workers (Life Member). He has been Hon. Treasurer for a number of organisations and is currently Treasurer of the Nedlands Yacht Club.

He is the most recent Chair of CoMHWA, having been a member of the Board since 2013.


Seamus Murphy – Vice Chair

IMG_1814 (1)Seamus has a strong interest in Mental Health, Health, AOD Sectors and the impacts thereof. His passion is to bring energy, experience and enthusiasm to mental health participation in order to raise understanding and awareness of the importance of lived experience.

Seamus holds Diplomas in Business Administration & Marketing; complimented by thirty-five years of business experience, including seven years as a self-employed Company Proprietor and a further twenty-four years involving three Crime Prevention/Community Safety Boards.

Seamus is currently the Vice-Chair of the CoMHWA Board and has been a Director since 2015.




Michelle Thompson – Secretary

comhwastaffprofile(10)Michelle resides in Northam and is the rural representative of the CoMHWA Board. During her time as a Director, Michelle has represented CoMHWA, and herself as a person with lived experience, at a number of conferences, information sessions and forums around Australia. During the first 2 years on the Board, Michelle had involvement with OneLife suicide prevention initiative, and more recently as a member of the rural health network as a Consumer Representative and Northam Representative on the District Health Advisory Council. Michelle also has a number of consumer representative roles between Perth and Northam including sitting on the WA Hoarding and Squalor Network.

A long-standing member of CoMHWA, Michelle is the current Secretary of the Board.




Neil Hackett – Treasurer

comhwastaffprofile(4)Neil, a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, has been a member of the board of CoMHWA since 2014. Neil also chairs the CoMHWA board’s Finance, Risk and Compliance  committee and brings to the board his experience from many years of management in the commercial sector.

Neil currently manages the Australian training division of Falck Pty Ltd, a large Nordic based organisation who specialise in the provision of emergency services and training, primarily, in Australia to the resources sector.

As well as his business experience, Neil holds an MBA from Curtin University and is currently completing research towards a Doctorate in Business Administration, also from Curtin University with his thesis being the study of decision making in not for profit boards of governance.

Neil is the current Treasurer of the CoMHWA Board of Directors.


Lyn Mahboub

comhwastaffprofile(8)Lyn has been involved with CoMHWA’s development almost since its inception (in 2005), serving as Chair and Vice Chair on the Management Committee frequently over its first seven years. After the CoMHWA governance system changed from a management committee to a Board, Lyn also served as a Board Director.

Lyn is passionate about upholding the rights of people who find themselves diagnosed and dealing with mental health services, and considers systemic advocacy via the independent voice of consumers as one of the key leavers of system reform. Lyn is deeply committed to CoMHWA being a consumer-run organisation for, and by, consumers (people with an individual lived experience). Lyn is an advocate of strong governance processes and, while she has attended some governance training, considers herself always learning in this area.



Anna Richards

IMG_1811Since becoming familiar with the recovery paradigm for considering and working with mental health issues, Anna has used it to understand her own recovery journey and work within its parameters. In facilitating Mary Ellen Copeland’s Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) Anna uses her own story to encourage participants and model successful journeying.

Anna has worked with a number of not-for-profit organisations and support groups over the years and also lectured at various TAFE’s and colleges in the Perth Metro region. Her style as a lecturer and facilitator enables students to develop self-directed learning.

While Anna previously sat as Chair of the CoMHWA Board until 2013, she took a short break and was re-elected as a Director at the 2015 AGM.



Anne St Jack

IMG_1832Anne is a retired Clinical Psychologist who has experience in public mental health, private practice and tertiary education, working with all age groups. She is passionate about promoting the consumer voice in mental health and the wider community. Anne has strong clinical skills, particularly listening to others and working in a team environment. She also knows first- hand the difficulties of navigating the mental system, having helped a family member to access services. Anne has lived and worked in rural communities and is also an AICD member.

Anne is keen to use her breadth of skills to help CoMHWA increase participation in decision making, advocacy and education, thus improving outcomes for all mental health consumers.



Tom Hosking

IMG_1830 (1)As someone who is passionate about service to others and with lived experience of mental illness, Tom was thrilled to be invited to take up a position as a director of CoMHWA in September 2016. He currently sits on the Finance, Risk and Compliance committee of the organisation. He believes strongly in the integral role that consumer voice and consumer-led advocacy will play in improving stigma and social knowledge around mental illness and in shaping policy, services and community to support and include consumers.

Tom has a legal background, having completed a joint Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts degree in 2014, and has experience volunteering and working in the community legal sector with the Mental Health Law Centre. He also has a keen interest in organisational governance and is committed to ensuring best practices in decision making, accountability and transparency in the board of the organisation.





Shauna Gaebler – Chief Executive Officer

Rhianwen Beresford – Policy and Development Coordinator

Alicia Beckingsale – Education and Training Coordinator

Lisa Bailey – Project Coordinator (Education)

Aimee Sinclair – Project Coordinator (Liaison)

Sandra Higgins – Accountant / Bookkeeper

Ella Macnish – ICLS Peer Coordinator

Rebecca Banks – Administration Officer