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Mental Health Information

Are you seeking information about mental health, or support for your mental health?

We do not offer direct mental health support but we can point you in the right direction.

Check out our Help and Support page or contact CoMHWA and ask one of our friendly staff.



CoMHWA listens to, understands and acts upon the voices of people with lived experience of mental health issues. We  gather and raise the views of our members, consumer networks and supporters. This enables us to understand the key issues in mental health and to offer informed and widely supported solutions for change.

We do this through:

  • News and Information Sharing                                                    
  • Forums and Consumer Events
  • Committees and Working Groups                                               
  • Focus Groups, Polls and Surveys
  • Connections with consumer groups and centres                     
  • Collaboration and Partnerships

Learn more about consumer participation

Email  if you would like to contribute your voice for change.


Systemic Advocacy

We represent and advocate for the shared needs, interests and priorities of consumers (‘Consumer Voice’) in order to shape services, policy and community change. There are many issues of concern for consumers, but also a vibrant network of consumer and recovery leaders bringing ideas and actions towards better ways forwards.

Our systemic advocacy is driven by what our members and networks are telling us about mental health, and supported by research and policy expertise.

We undertake:

  • Campaigning/Lobbying           
  • Advocacy Research and Publications       
  • Representation and Advisory Activities


Systemic Advocacy: Case Studies

Visit our Advocacy page for more information.


Education, Training and Awareness Raising

CoMHWA provides lived experience education, training and awareness raising to consumers, services, policy makers and the wider community.

We undertake:

  • Education and Training for Consumers, Consumer Groups and the Lived Experience Workforce
  • Education and Training for Services and Community Groups
  • Speaker’s Bureau
  • Publications (Fact Sheets, Tools, Guides and Resource)


Visit our Education and Training page for more information.


Promoting and Supporting Peer Support and Services

Peer support is support provided between one or more people who have similar or shared experiences, and who recognise each other as peers. As a peak voice for and by people with lived experience of mental health issues, CoMHWA is a peer-led organisation. Peer needs, interests and voices are central to our way of working.

Peer support can have positive effects on our mental health and wellbeing. We believe the greatest positive impact of peer support is achieved when peer support is developed and led by peers, for peers.

We promote and support the development of peer support and a peer workforce in Western Australia, through:

  • Information services and news                                                 
  • Consultation 
  • Professional learning and networking events                         
  • Lobbying representation and advice


Visit our Peer Support page for more information.

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