Our History

CoMHWA was established in 2005 by a group of committed and passionate people who shared lived experience of mental health issues and recovery and a deep awareness of the power of the recovery message to bring about changes for people and the services that support them.

Our founders recognised that a consumer-led organisation is essential to achieving a strong, assertive, independent voice for social changes that reflect the needs and priorities of those with mental health issues. CoMHWA continues to work towards this founding mission, through action and education for human rights, recovery and wellbeing.

In 2011, CoMHWA received establishment funding to become Western Australia’s mental health consumers’ association and has continued to grow and develop through our dedicated team of Board, staff and volunteers.


Our Vision: We are working for a world where people with lived experience of mental health issues are self-directed, self-empowered, respected and connected to community.


Our Core Purpose:We strengthen and advance the voice, leadership and expertise of people with lived experience of mental health issues.


Our Values:


Our Objectives:

To promote respect for, and uphold the dignity and human rights of, Consumers and all members of the broader community.

To inform, educate and raise awareness and acceptance for Consumer rights and wellbeing.

To promote and support peer support and the peer workforce.

To provide advocacy and lead change with and for Consumers.

To promote and support recovery and wellbeing with and for consumers.

To be a progressive, effective, sustainable and well governed organisation.

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