CoMHWA Submission Updates

August 16, 2017

CoMHWA Submission Highlighted in DSS Disability Advocacy Consultation

CoMHWA’s submission to the review of the National Disability Advocacy Program was highlighted in the Review’s Consultation Report, released by Minister for Social Service Christian Porter last week.

CoMHWA has called for independence of advocacy services from National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provision, as well as recognition that disability advocacy services remain critical for the majority of people who will not be able to access the NDIS. Pro Bono’s recent article echoes the calls of CoMHWA and advocacy services across Australia to ensure state and territory, as well as federal governments, to ensure adequately funded disability advocacy services, including for people not eligible for the NDIS.

The Consultation Report highlighted competing views about the importance of independent advocacy, with alternative submissions that recommended conflicts of interest could be managed in-house. The Easy English version of the report explains that “Your advocate should not be the same person who gives you other help”. The basic principle is that an advocate has a duty to uphold a person’s rights, choices and decisions. Advocates cannot do this if they stand to gain or lose funding from a person’s decision (a conflict of interest), or if they have other roles that take priority over the person’s rights being heard.

CoMHWA will continue to campaign for independent advocacy, requesting the government to signal strong leadership on this matter to support NDIS law and principles of consumer choice and control.

What You Can Do

You can lend your support to our efforts by sending your stories or comments through about how independent advocacy has helped you, or why it is important to you. Call us on (08) 9258 8911, email us at or post your thoughts to Reply Paid 85073, PO Box 176, Cannington 6987.



CoMHWA Submission to the National Mental Health Commission Engage and Consult Consultation Process

The National Mental Health Commission’s Engage and Consult consultation is an important first step as we move towards the Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan being used to guide and implement mental health change.

Any mental health change relies on strong consumer participation if it is going to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Changes to services and supports in the future national plan need to be based on the views, requirements, ideas and aims of the people who will be accessing them.

This national consultation about how to ensure people with lived experience are partners in mental health decisions is an important first step.

What You Can Do

CoMWHA would like to hear your views as someone with a lived experience on what it takes to achieve equal, respectful partnerships in mental health decisions. This might be in decisions about your mental health support and treatment, or in decisions about mental health that affect many people’s lives.

You can contribute your views to our submission to the National Mental Health Commission through:

Sharing your comments with us here at:

Or directly get in touch by calling us on (08) 9258 8911, emailing us at or posting your thoughts to Reply Paid 85073, PO Box 176, Cannington 6987.


Thank you in advance for contributing your voice and your views with us – we look forward to hearing from you.

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