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Health Consumers Council Principles & Best Practice Strategies for Consumer Engagement in the Alcohol and Other Drugs Sector in Western Australia
CoMHWA was a member of the Project Advisory Group established to develop this resource.

Bring Your Voice: Lived Experience Perspectives for Better Mental Health and Wellbeing

Consumer Advisory Groups: WA Consumer Engagement Report


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CoMHWA Submissions

November 2017:  CoMHWA Feedback to the National Mental Health Commission – Consultation: Developing a National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Monitoring and Reporting Framework

November 2017: CoMHWA Submission to Department of Health (WA) Sustainable Health Review

December 2016: CoMHWA Submission to Department of Health (Commonwealth) Fifth National Mental Health Plan Consultation

December 2016: CoMHWA Submission to the Mental Health Commission of Western Australia: Compulsory Alcohol and other Drug Treatment Public Consultation

September 2016: CoMHWA Submission to the Budget Savings Omnibus Bill

June 2016: CoMHWA Submission to the Review of National Disability Advocacy Program

November 2015: Submission to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Commissioning Framework

June 2015: Submission to the Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee for the Inquiry into Violence, Abuse and Neglect against People with Disability in Institutional and Residential Settings

May 2015: CoMHWA submission to Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee Inquiry into the Social Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

March 2015: CoMHWA 10 Year Plan submission on behalf of consumers of mental health in WA

March 2015: CoMHWA Excerpt of Peer Support and the Peer Workforce (10 Year Plan Submission)

March 2015: Joint advocacy submission from Consumers of Mental Health WA, Health Consumers Council WA, People with Disabilities WA and Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre

March 2015: Information, Linkages, and Capacity Building Policy Framework Submission

December 2014: Joint Submission to Review of the Criminal Law (Mentally Impaired Accused) Act 1996

December 2014: Letter to the Attorney General: Call for Human Rights to Be Met through Review of CLMIA 1996

August 2014: Mental Health Bill 2013 – Joint NGO submission to Members of the Legislative Council

August 2014: CoMHWA Response to McClure Review

July 2014: Disability Insurance Initiatives Consumer Participation Advocacy Brief

June 2014: Making Inroads: Addressing the Needs of Consumers and those with Psycho-Social Disability within NDIS/My Way

May 2014: Joint Mental Health NGO submission to LC on MHB 2013

May 2014:  CoMHWA Response to Federal Budget

May 2014: CoMHWA Response to State Budget

April 2014: CoMHWA submission to the National Review of Mental Health Services

August 2013: CoMHWA Peer Work Project (Cert IV in Mental Health Peer Work) Survey Response

May 2013: CoMHWA National Contributing Life Project Response to the May 2013 Consultation

May 2013: CoMHWA Submission National Summit on Physical and Mental Health