CoMHWA is a systemic advocacy organization that undertakes, and supports, collective representation and advocacy towards consumer self-direction and empowerment.

While we are unable to provide individual advocacy, emergency mental health support or direct support services, we encourage you to access the following support lines and services to keep safe and well supported.

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Ambulance / Police / Fire

Mental Health Emergency Response Line (MHERL)
1300 555 788

Poisons Information Centre
13 11 26

National Relay Service (TTY for hearing / speech impaired)
13 36 77

Translating and Interpreting Services
13 14 50


Possible signs of a general emergency – which could be a physical or mental health emergency and require urgent medical attention include, but are not limited to:

  • Unconscious/non-responsive
  • Confused, disoriented
  • Difficulty breathing, shallow or irregular breathing, not breathing
  • Fast or irregular heart rate, chest pain
  • Slurred speech, drowsiness
  • Cold, clammy, blue or pale skin
  • Sudden severe pain or loss of movement
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Evidence of physical trauma (bleeding or injuries)
  • Evidence of consumption of alcohol, drugs, unknown quantities of medication ,or poisons

Possible signs of a mental health crisis/emergency that require urgent medical attention include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

  • Sudden and significant changes in symptoms; feeling very unwell
  • You are thinking about suicide, self-harm or harming others
  • You fear that your life is in serious, imminent danger and someone is going to harm you
  • Hearing voices that are highly distressing, or that are telling you to suicide, harm yourself or harm someone
  • Freezing- e.g. feeling unable to speak or communicate what is happening
  • Experiencing unusual, highly distressing and intrusive sensations, sounds, images or memories
  • Feeling ‘unreal’: feeling very distant, detached and disconnected from yourself, your surroundings or what is happening.
  • Strong, distressing emotions you don’t feel you are able to control (e.g. panic, agitation, rage, dread, despair, doom or hopelessness)



After-hours support

After-hours GP Line
1800 022 222 (24 hours)

Mental Health Direct
1800 220 460


Counselling Services

Lifeline (Crisis Support and Suicide Prevention Counselling)
13 11 14 (24 hours)

Suicide Call Back Service (Suicide Counselling)
1300 659 467 (24 hours)

(08) 9381 5555 (24 hours)

Beyond Blue
1300 224 636 (24 hours)

Kids Help Line
1800 551 800 (24 hours)

Samaritans Youthline
1800 198 313 (24 hours)

Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service
1800 184 527 (5.30pm – 10.30pm daily)


Urgent Assistance: Involuntary Patients

Mental Health Advocacy Service
1800 999 057

Mental Health Law Centre
1800 620 285


Individual Advocacy and Complaints

Mental Health Advocacy Service
1800 999 057

Health Consumers Council WA
1800 620 780

Specialist Aboriginal Mental Health Service (SAMHS)
(08) 9235 2400

Multicultural Mental Health Access Service
(08) 9336 8282

Citizen Advocacy (West Perth office)
(08) 9445 9991


Finding a Mental Health Service

Mental Health Commission (request the service directory)
6553 0600

Beyond Blue Information and Support Line
1300 224 636

Call the CoMHWA office and we can refer you onto a relevant service
(08) 9258 8911


Peer Support Groups / Self-Help

1800 195 575

Grow WA
1800 558 268

Centre of Excellence in Peer Support
1300 237 199


Housing Support

Homeless Advisory Service
1800 065 892

Crisis Care
(08) 9223 1111

(08) 9485 9339

Tenancy WA
(08) 9221 0088


Domestic Violence, Abuse and Assault

13 14 44

Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline
1800 007 339 (24 hours)

Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline
1800 000 599 (24 hours)

Sexual Assault Resource Centre (emergency counselling)
(08) 9340 1828

1800 Respect
1800 737 732

National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline
1800 880 052


Carers Support

Carers WA
1800 242 636

Helping Minds
(08) 9427 7100

Carer Gateway
1800 422 737


Alcohol and Drug Support

Alcohol and Drug Information Service
(08) 9442 5000

Parent and Family Drug Support
(08) 9442 5050

Meth Helpline
1800 874 878

Cyrenian House
(08) 9328 9200


Legal and Financial Support

Legal Aid
(08) 9261 6222

Aboriginal Legal Services
1800 019 900

Financial Counsellors Association
1800 007 007

HUGS (Hardship Utility Grants Scheme)
(08) 9222 2739



To download click here.



All people can experience personal recovery with the empowerment, self-education and the right supports. A range of support services you may find useful are listed below. 

We recommend that you complete a Wellness Recovery Action Plan and share it with your supporters (next of kin, guardian, carer or supporter) so that you can feel well supported and safe in the event of a mental health crisis or emergency. A Wellness Recovery Action Plan™ , created by Mary Ellen Copeland, includes strategies for managing distressing symptoms and provides a written statement of the sorts of treatment  and support that are helpful and acceptable to you, and those which are not. WRAP’s operate on the principle of Advanced Care Directives but are not legally enforceable – hence it is useful to nominate a supporter to advocate for your interests.

Resources are available for sale at Mary Ellen Copeland’s website:

You can access a free WRAP™  template here:



CoMHWA highly recommends that all members of the community take the following training to understand and support consumers’ recovery and wellbeing.

Basic First Aid or Senior First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health Education
CoMHWA offers a range of training for consumers including Consumer Representative training, Disclosure, Speakers Bureau and more. Contact us for more information.

Hearing Voices Training
Richmond Wellbeing

ASIST Suicide Prevention


Mental Health and Well Being Apps

Booster Buddy 
Designed to help teens and young adults improve their mental health.
Download for Android or Apple

Respect Yourself 
Support and guidance to increase confidence and self-worth.
Download for Android or Apple

A comprehensive health journal and medication reminder.
Download for Android or Apple

ReachOut WorryTime
Manage your stress levels with a place to store your worries.
Download for Android



All CoMHWA Staff are ASIST trained. Please call us if you need assistance with a referral or information about the correct service for you. 



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