Volunteer through CoMHWA

Working to make a difference in our communities through volunteering can be a rich source of fulfillment and achievement as well as a great opportunity to build new friendships and connections.

That’s why CoMHWA promotes a range of volunteering and workforce opportunities to our members.


Broader (Sector) Opportunities

We advertise a wide variety of lived experience workforce (paid and volunteering) opportunities that arise in the WA mental health and drug and alcohol sector through our CoMHWA newsletters.


CoMHWA Volunteering Opportunities


Informal Opportunities (Supporters)

We welcome members and supporters actively contributing to our campaigning, consultations and events (see Connect With Us for ideas).


Formal Opportunities (Our Registered Volunteers)

If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up to our newsletter  or look for the **NOW RECRUITING sign next to the volunteer roles and click to find out more.

Community Connectors: People with lived experience and a flair for community engagement who raise awareness and support for Consumer Voice through our stalls and member events.

Storytellers: People who share their lived experience story with audiences (live and/or media) in order to raise awareness of personal recovery in services and communities.

Peer Educators: People with lived experience and education/group facilitation skills to support learning on a range of mental health topics from a lived experience perspective.

Consumer Representatives: People with lived experience and skills in partnering with services and policy makers to bring about change.

E-Consultative Network Members: Consumer Representatives able to offer fast tracked advice and feedback on Consumer Voice to CoMHWA through a dedicated, email-based network. **NOW RECRUITING

Specialist Lived Experience Register: If you feel you bring a lived experience that is often harder to hear, chances are there’s a service that is trying to find you to ensure people are heard! CoMHWA can work with you and services to match you up, so that you can be a champion for people with similar experiences. Examples include: alcohol and/or other drug, youth and seniors, GLBTI community members.



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