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CoMHWA supports the position from WAAMH, (the peak body for the community mental health sector) that in the event that Graylands is sold, that the sales revenue be fully reinvested to close the gaps in needed supports for people with lived experience to live equal, contributing lives.

The Better Choices Better Lives Ten Year Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan proposes a transition plan to decommission Graylands that “would include the timing and phasing of the land sale of Graylands, which can be used as a source of funding for further investment into the mental health system and the replacement for those services to be decommissioned at Graylands” (p.70)

It has been estimated that a Graylands sale could lead to up to $100 million dollars being available for services and supports to improve mental health. The question is, aside from funds being retained for mental health, how will reinvestment be directed?

We believe that consumers need to be at the centre of deciding where mental health funds are directed, including funds made available through the sale of Graylands.

Before this can occur there needs to be more work undertaken, and greater investment, to enable robust, state-wide partnerships with consumers at various levels of the mental health system, because this is necessary to build a better picture of consumer experiences of supports, gaps in supports, and how they are impacted.

Alongside strong consumer partnerships, there are also consumer partnerships that are in early development, are inadequately supported and that are still felt as tokenistic – even stigmatising. This means that consumer needs are not always well heard, understood and used to guide decisions about mental health services. You can access research by CoMHWA highlighting the need for further investment in consumer voice in Western Australia, here;

WAAMH has established a campaign webpage and gained media coverage as it calls on the Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Mental Health to retain any funding from the sale of Graylands.




What You Can Do

Share Your Views
Share your thoughts, feelings or views about the sale of Graylands with CoMHWA, via phone, email, letter or social media. We are committed to raising your views in future discussions about the Graylands sale and reinvestment.

Join in WAAMH’s Campaign
CoMHWA encourages members who support the sale of Graylands to join in the campaign by visiting the website at:


We encourage you to send a copy of your letter to CoMHWA and to:

  • Ask for their commitment to ensure consumer views are at the centre of service design and decisions through strong, adequately invested consumer partnership programs and initiatives; and
  • Raise your views about the services and supports for better mental health that you feel are most urgently needed in Western Australia.


Thank you in advance for contributing to this campaign.


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Read more about consumer views on mental health at our Resources and Publications page.


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